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'Efficiency' has always been prevalent in the field services industry. If a company hasn’t reviewed and improved its overall efficiency, or planned to, they face a significant threat of customer loss. In most markets, the customer will either switch to an alternative provider, or the cost to serve will slowly erode the company’s ability to survive. But becoming efficient isn't enough any more.

Customers expect great service not just a service. You might be the most efficient company in field service, but if your customers aren't satisfied you'll lose the status of a company that can provide both efficiency AND customer value. 

Companies that are combining productivity solutions with customer journey mapping and/or customer centred design now stand to make the most gains. But how do you know which areas to make customer centric? How do you prioritise areas that will deliver customer value?

In customer journey mapping language, 'customer value' is defined as pivotal events called 'Moments that Matter'. In other words, these moments will influence whether a customer:

  •  Buys in the first place
  • Is already on board
  • If they'll recommend
  • Will buy from you in the future

Your first step to customer journey success is to define these moments within your business and build a good service into a great one!

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We recently held a free Customer Journey Mapping Workshop in London with Oracle for a select number of attendees to demonstrate the power of a good customer experience. Attendees recieved:

  • Hands-on experience of mapping customer journeys
  • Maps to diagnose customer experience issues and identify opportunities
  • Advice on how to design experiences that meet their customers’ expectations
  • An “art of the possible” demonstration of Digital Service Delivery

Our attendees recieved valuable key takeaways to apply in the office/field and (most importantly!) loved the event - just read the testimonials for yourself.  

Now we're looking to help you! We're so passionate about ensuring field service organisations have the customer centric approach that we're offering a free consultation with our experts - no strings. Simply enter your email below and click 'Get Me a Consultant!' and one of our experts will be in touch to arrange your consultation.

Richard Brailsford

Managing Consultant

Richard is managing consultant, and one of Leadent's customer experience consultants. He specialises in leading transformation programmes, operational excellence and business change. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, Richard supports organisations to take complex challenges and achieve breakthrough results. To get in touch with Richard:

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